Female Pattern Baldness

What is female pattern hair loss?
Androgenetic alopecia or female pattern baldness is the most common form of hair loss found in women today. It is similar to the common form of hair loss suffered by males and known as male pattern baldness, manifesting itself in an equally predicable but different way. The condition can be very difficult for most women to accept since a large part of a woman’s identity is tied up in her hair. A woman’s hair plays a central and pivotal role in the way she is perceived by others and in her perception of herself, so to start losing it, can be very worrying.

Who does female pattern baldness affect?
1 in 4 women suffer from female pattern hair loss. It is a condition resulting from the parental gene pool. If both a woman’s parents carry the hair loss gene it is quite likely that she will suffer from female pattern hair loss.

What are the symptoms?
Just as male pattern baldness follows a distinctive pattern, so does female pattern baldness. A female sufferer will notice a diffuse thinning of her across the entirety of her scalp initially, followed by the development of a bald patch running from the front of her scalp, in a quite straight line, to the back of her head, as if following the line of a central parting. In time, this bald line will expand to the left and right until, eventually she is left bald.

What causes female pattern hair loss?
Female pattern baldness is caused by inherited genetic influences and an over production of the male hormone testosterone. Female pattern hair loss may begin as early as puberty. In these cases if there are signs of hormone imbalance, such as excess facial or body hair, a hormone check should be carried out.

Is it treatable?
In many cases female pattern baldness is treatable; the key is to catch it early and to use the right products. Our products have been specifically formulated to stabilise the hair root. They will strengthen the hair follicles and stimulate blood flow in the scalp. Tailored to suit each woman's individual needs, our treatments will stop further hair loss and in many cases, result in hair re-growth.

How can LCT help?
At The London Centre of Trichology we combine many years of research and experience with highly effective, safe and natural products. Our treatments consist of a root strengthener, a root stimulator and nutrient capsules.

Root Strengthener
The root strengthener is a non-greasy, odourless liquid which is topically applied. It contains herbal extracts which resemble the female hormone oestrogen. The root strengthener has been designed to stabilise the root and strengthen and support the hair follicle.

Root Stimulator
This is a topically applied lotion made with pepper extracts. It attracts blood flow to the scalp area and helps to stimulate the root causing the hair to thicken. The root stimulator also promotes hair growth by speeding up the new hair production cycle. Use of this 100% drug free product is recommended in cases where hair is being lost quite quickly.

Nutrient Capsule
The marine oils contained within this totally drug and alcohol free product, help in the development of amino acids which in turn, help to form the growth of hair.

Hair Loss Shampoos
We also sell a range of hair care products including pre-shampoos, shampoos for hair loss, conditioners and lotions for use at home after your treatment.

We have formulated 4 different treatment solutions for heavily scaled hair, for dry and damaged hair, for oily or greasy hair and for hair in otherwise good condition and each of our systems has been specifically created to effectively treat these common hair conditions using entirely natural ingredients.

Our recommended treatment programmes should be used for a period of no less than 3 months. This is especially true in cases that have been proven to be genetic. In cases where the cause is found to be non-genetic, of non-genetic, the recovery process may be quicker.

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