The System Range - Shampoos For Hair Loss, Conditioners and Lotions

Diagnosing and treating your hair loss and scalp problems starts with our consultants at The London Centre of Trichology. However, maintaining and continuing the care that you undergo at our clinic, with special shampoos for hair loss, conditioner and lotions, needs to be carried out by you at home. Our System range of hair products have been specially and professionally formulated for our clients by a qualified team of chemists and trichologists.

A popular misconception is that frequent shampooing and conditioning makes hair fall out. It's true, the plughole does tend to fill up with strands as we rinse away the lather, but these are just the 50-100 hairs we naturally shed each day. Many of these become loose and remain tangled up in our hair until they are washed out.

If you are suffering from thinning hair or a scalp condition, it is still essential that you continue to wash your hair regularly with our specific shampoos for hair loss. Dirty hair and scalp can lead to disorders and make existing matters worse.

Systems One, Two, Three and Four, aren’t just effective on application, each stage in the range recommended for your hair problem, will carry on working systematically with your 24-hour body cycle.

To produce our treatment for hair growth formulas, we source the highest quality, naturally derived, raw materials whenever possible. Regular use of these essential nutrients, mean they are then absorbed into the hair shaft, follicle, and through the porous layers of the scalp. The result - rapid relief for topical hair problems, and healthy growing hair in peak condition.

Shampoos for Hair Loss - Ask a consultant at the London Centre of Trichology to recommend which particular programme, the frequency and amount of product to use for your particular hair or scalp condition.