Hair Loss Diagnosis

Hair loss diagnosis is relatively straightforward. A consultation with us takes approximately thirty minutes during which time we will analyse your hair loss problem and advise the best cause of treatment to take. Our hair loss consultations are always free of charge and completely confidential.

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During your appointment with a trichologist at our London clinic, we use a Proscope to look at your scalp. This is a hand-held magnifier that is connected to a PC and allows us to see detailed pictures of your scalp on the monitor. We save these images for comparison at a later date, so we can show you the results when you come back for a check-up.

As well as us looking at your hair and scalp, we will also ask you questions about your general health, age, any medications you are taking, your family history of hair loss and what products you are using.

We will not contact your GP at any time, but may suggest you visit them if we feel that your hair loss thinning requires medical attention. For example if certain medications you are taking are contributing to the issue, then your GP may be able to adjust your prescription.

After diagnosing the contributing factors, we will advise whether hair growth treatments can help in your case. If we believe it can, then treatment can start immediately following the diagnosis.

The most common diagnosis for men is male pattern baldness. This is present in approximately 80% of the cases we see and responds well to treatment. The remaining 20% will suffer from a form of alopecia or various scalp disorders.

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The most common type of diagnosis for women is Telogen Effluvium stress related hair loss. This accounts for around 70% of cases. The remaining 30% consist of diffuse thinning, female pattern alopecia and various scalp disorders.

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Our consultations are carried out in Central London. Call us now on 0207 935 1935 to arrange your free appointment.