Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration Techniques Explained
The term "hair restoration" is used to cover a number of different techniques. It can be done through the encouragement of natural hair regrowth, using our range of safe and effective hair loss treatment products. It can also be done surgically, employing hair transplant or scalp flap surgery techniques or cosmetically, using wigs, toupees, weaves and hairpieces. The most effective or appropriate method of hair loss treatment for men or women will depend upon the circumstances affecting the individual at the time that hair loss advice is sought.

Natural Hair Treatments
Through the use of our range of natural hair loss treatment products, we are able to address the problems faced by those seeking to encourage the natural regrowth of their hair. These products are most effective during the early to mid stages of thinning hair and the sooner you can start the better. It is worth seeking hair loss advice at the earliest point in time, when you first begin to notice a few more hairs than usual being left behind on the pillow or hairbrush. Bear in mind though, it is quite normal to lose up to one hundred hairs a day in this way – so look for changes in the quantity as a guideline.

Promoting the natural regrowth of your hair through a non surgical treatment programme will, if carried out at the right time, result not only in you keeping the hair you have, but quite possibly, in the restoration of original, full thickness hair. The results vary between person to person. However we will give you an indication of how successful treatment is likely to be at your free hair loss diagnosis appointment.

Surgical Hair Treatments
Surgical hair treatments, hair transplant surgery and scalp flap surgery involve the removal and replacement of hair follicles from one part of the head to another. This form of hair restoration treatment should only ever be carried out by a fully trained and properly qualified doctor. Many people consider surgical hair treatments too extreme and the thought of going under the knife does not appeal to all.

Cosmetic Hair Treatments
Wigs, toupees, weaves etc are known as cosmetic hair treatments. The desired effect is gained through the use of non-permanent or semi permanent additions or hairpieces. Cosmetic hair treatments, whilst effective in covering up the problem, will not rectify it in any way but will provide the appearance of a head of hair – which is an acceptable solution for some.

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