Hair Loss Consultations

The London Centre of Trichology offers a free hair loss consultation to men and women who are suffering from thinning hair problems. We offer diagnosis and treatment from our central London clinic for various hair loss disorders including:

In males:
Male hair loss, male pattern balding, androgenic alopecia, androgenetic alopecia alopecia areata, alopecia totalis, alopecia universalis, male stress related hair loss, male premature balding, hair loss due to malnutrition, post surgical hair loss, trauma induced balding.

In females:
Female hair loss, female pattern balding, female alopecia, diffuse hair loss, post menopausal hair loss, hair loss post childbirth, hair loss due to malnutrition, post surgical hair loss, female stress related hair loss, trauma induced balding, scalp hair loss.

What happens during a hair loss consultation?
Initial hair loss consultations are carried out, free of charge at our central London clinic. During this consultation period, we will investigate the cause of your thinning hair and we will then discuss the various options available to you.

Using a Proscope, a strong magnifier which is linked to a computer, your trichologist will examine your hair and scalp closely, taking pictures for comparison later. You will also be asked a series of questions geared towards establishing the general state of your health. These questions will relate to medications, diet, family history, lifestyle and current hair grooming regime.

There are 46 different possible causes of hair loss in human beings. It can happen at any time, affecting men and women at any age and boys as young as 16 years of age have been known to be affected. The good news is, however, that provided treatment is sought early enough, it is nearly always possible to stop further hair loss and the onset of baldness.

We will not need to contact your GP and will only refer you back to your doctor if it is believed that a medical condition or the side effects of any medication are the cause of your hair loss. Upon completion of your initial diagnosis appointment, we will advise you if your hair loss is treatable and devise an action plan.

What happens following a hair loss consultation?
Having established the cause of your hair loss, we will advise on a course of treatment. Treatments vary tremendously from person to person and are gender specific. All treatments offered by the London Centre of Trichology are 100% safe and natural.

Male Treatments
The treatments we offer to males will stop the loss of any more hair and prevent further follicular miniaturisation. Hair regrowth is also experienced by some patients. There are no side effects to our treatments and it is recommended that a man should follow a course of treatment for a minimum of 6 months, especially if the cause of hair loss is genetic.

Female Treatments
The treatments we offer to females experiencing hair loss will depend upon a variety of factors. In many cases these deciding factors will be influenced by the woman’s state of health and the balance of her hormones. Stress, pregnancy, anaemia and menopause can all be a trigger, as can the type of contraceptive she is using and whether she is in otherwise poor health. If the cause of her hair loss is found to be genetic, it is recommended that she follow a course of treatment for a minimum of 3 months.

The vast majority of our hair loss clients report successful results following our proven hair loss treatment methods. These include halting further hair loss and in many cases hair regrowth is seen.

Hair Loss Consultations – contact us now to arrange your free consultation at our central London clinic.