Is There a Link Between Hair Loss / Baldness and Wearing Headgear

At whatever speed your hair loss occurs, whether slowly, a few strands at a time or more quickly, coming out in clumps, there can be no denying that hair loss is extremely stressful. Male or female, the experience can be life changing in its profundity and not just a little bit scary as you face up to the very real possibility that your looks are changing.

You may have thought that hair loss was solely the preserve of the elderly but this is unfortunately untrue. Young or old can be just as prone to hair loss for any number of reasons. Hair loss can be genetic, stress related or as a result of the body’s reaction to illness, trauma or surgery.

In other cases, a person’s job role may require that they wear a hat or hair covering whilst working, such as is the case with members of the police and fire services, construction workers and motorcycle dispatch riders.

The process of putting a hat on and taking it off repeatedly can place stress on the hair and cause hair loss, particularly if the hat is worn quite tightly, as can be the case with a helmet. The constant pulling and twisting of the hair will result in it becoming brittle and breaking off or falling out. This may also lead to a weakening of the hair follicles themselves, which may result in their complete inability to re-grow hair.

An added consideration when wearing tight headgear is that of blood circulation. To remain healthy, the hair needs a constant supply of blood to its roots. Wearing tight fitting headgear may well restrict this blood flow, causing the hair to weaken, thin and fall out.

Wearing hats or any form of head covering for a prolonged period of time in the heat, can result in the build up of a waxy, oily substance known as Sebum. This is a naturally produced secretion, designed to moisturise the skin and prevent it from drying out. It also keeps the hair looking healthy and in good condition but too much of it, is not a good thing.

Too much Sebum results in the hair becoming greasy and looking lank. It can also block the supply of oxygen from the blood to the hair follicles and trap bacteria and this will certainly not help your hair loss.

To reduce the impact of any form of headgear on the health of your hair and hair follicles wash your hair more frequently. This will stop the build up of sebum, oil and bacteria. Also, wash your headgear frequently to avoid the same build up here and finally, wear your headgear as loosely as is practicably possible.

If you are suffering from male or female hair loss, contact us today for a free hair loss diagnosis consultation at our central London clinic.

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