Don’t Believe These Men’s Hair Loss Myths

Men's hair loss myths

Around half of all men will experience some form of hair loss by the time they’re 50. This percentage goes up even further once men reach their 60s, 70s and 80s. Despite the fact that hair loss is a common issue, there are still a large number of myths that persist about the origins and causes of thinning hair.

At the London Centre of Trichology, we know that being unsure about hair loss causes is likely to add to anxiety over the issue. To help you tell the fact from the fiction, here we are busting some of the most common myths around.

Wearing Hats Makes Your Hair Thin – False

This myth has been around for years and, despite plenty of evidence to the contrary, many men still believe it. Men’s hair loss isn’t caused by wearing hats, but a lot of men with thinning hair do use hats to try to disguise their receding hairline or bald patches. This makes a hat purely a style choice and, whether you decide to wear one or not, it won’t have an impact on how quickly your hair begins to thin.

Sunbathing Can Cause Baldness – False

There are a number of factors that cause hair loss, but sunshine isn’t one of them. Although sunshine can make your hair dry and brittle, especially when accompanied by taking regular dips in the sea or in chlorinated pools, it won’t make your hair fall out. If you’re concerned about the damage the sun is doing to your hair, invest in some specialist moisturisers or hair masks.

If Your Mother’s Father was Bald, You’ll Be Bald – False

A surprising number of people believe that the gene for baldness can only be inherited from the maternal side of the family. However in reality, the future of your locks is determined by genes from both branches of the family tree. If your maternal grandfather was bald or your father is losing his hair, there’s a chance you will be too, but this isn’t necessarily the case. What your genetic makeup has in store for you is by no means certain.

What Really Causes Hair Loss?

Aside from genetics, one of the leading hair loss causes is stress. Long-term worry can cause thinning hair, so, if your job is especially stressful or you’re experiencing personal worries, you may find that your hair loss is accelerated. Looking for ways to ease the stress you are experiencing could help to prevent hair loss or minimise its impact.

Another thing that can genuinely cause hair loss is your style. Tying your hair too tightly can cause traction alopecia, which can lead to bald patches and thinning. Opting for a looser style will help to solve this problem, but it is also advisable to seek expert advice and get a definite diagnosis.

Reversing Hair Loss

If you’re looking for a hair loss solution, the best thing to do is to see a specialist to discuss your options. There are a number of treatments available that can slow hair loss and help to restore growth. Contact the London Centre of Trichology for more details, and arrange a free initial consultation at our clinic in central London. Call 020 3638 2283 or click here to request your free initial consultation.

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